Miller SafEscape ELITE™:
solution for wind turbines

A complete solution for rescue or evacuation.

During the rescue or evacuation operation of a high access worker, safety is of paramount importance and that is why we have developed the next generation rescue solution. The unit has been engineered to comply with the most rigorous testing methods, set out by the forthcoming EN 341/2008 standard ensuring safety for those working at height.

In a rescue or evacuation procedure, time and environmental conditions are often against you and you need to be able to rely on your safety equipment. You can trust our Miller SafEscape ELITE™ to provide safety even under the harshest conditions.
Rescue procedures

If an accident occcurs during climbing or working at height, the injured person is most likely suspended in their fall protection equipment.
There are four basic rescue scenarios in a wind turbine which will hold true for just about all turbine shapes and designs.

- Trapped or suspended in the tower.
- Trapped or suspended from the side of the nacelle
- Trapped or suspended from the side of the hub
- Trapped in the interior of the hub

The SafEscape ELITE™ is designed to raise the person if necessary to release them.
g VIEW DATASHEET Evacuation procedures

If you have to evacuate people from higher workplaces in case of an emergency:
- Fire
- Doubts over structural integrity

Procedures that require the rescue of a fallen or injured colleague
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